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Our commercial department are specialised in houses situated in the Spanish Levant, and have a several dozens of new and key ready promotions base of all type of real estates, making it possible to offer solutions to the customer needs.

To facilitate the purchase process, our staff is in charge of guide the interested by the following points, avoiding buyers the tedious task of choosing between hundred options, when they don’t even really know the houses location, advantages or disadvantages, of these sales conditions etc. This is fundamental particularly in the case of foreign buyers, whose ignorance of the houses peculiarities and zones of Spain could lead them to make the mistake of buying the wrong house.


First Contact

Using different media, such as portals for buying national or international houses, this web, or directly using our contact numbers, you let us know what characteristic are you looking for, such as typology, zone, size etc…

If you prefer, you can also use many of our promotions announced as an example.


Personalized search

Buscamos en nuestra base de datos de promociones aquellas viviendas que más se adecuen a sus preferencias y presupuesto. En caso de ser necesario, nos desplazamos físicamente a la zona en la que desea instalarse, para  hablar con las constructoras y ver personalmente si esos inmuebles se adaptan a sus gustos.


With all this information we provide you a dossier with the promotions that may interest him, its characteristics, comments of the area, advantages and disadvantages, so you can have a clear and real vision of the houses.


Visits to the promotions

If you are interested in any of the promotions that we offer you, we will give you a date for visit it that best suits your schedule and we will pick you up from the Alicante International Airport.

During several days or more we will specify appointments so you can visit as many promotions as possible, to obtain all the necessary information so you can take a decision.

At this point our customers already have a clear idea of how each zone is, what their advantage is, and what promotion best suits your expectations.


Closing of the purchase

When you chose the home you intend to purchase, our administrative and legal department will inform you everything related to the legal terms of the acquisition.

They will prepare the necessary documentation, and will inform you very clearly about what are future steps to be taken. With all this, we intend to make the process less confusing.


If you wish, you can also rely on them to find out how obtain finance, mortgage conditions, he bank that offered the best rates…Our professionals shall solve any of your doubts.

Our work does not finish with the house sale, as part of the many services that will offer a personal assistant will keep you informed of all the process of finalizing the work, and to supervise on your behalf that your proposed reforms take place.

C/Valencia 9, entresuelo • 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) SPAIN • +34 965 305
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