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We, Canales y Negocios, stand out from other companies for our capacity to help you at the time to confront the mortgage payments or to obtain benefits of the real estate purchase. We have a division dedicated exclusively to the houses rent and management, thanks to which our customers can monetize the house investment without having the inconvenience to rent the house on your own.


Our asset manager will be responsible for:

  • Look for tenants interested in renting your real estate.
  • Formalities and legal issues derived.
  • Supervise that all the charges are made.
  • Worry about the maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Supervise the good state of conservation of the house.

Depending on the investor profile, the house type or the zone, a lot of forms of monetize the real estate purchase could be established, different solutions adapted to each type of buyer:

Guaranteed Rental Service

If the customer decides, in our company we will make a study of the house that goes to be purchased, and in function of the characteristics and the periods during which the property is going to be rented, we will propose you an offer in which will appear the annual fixed quantity that we are going to pay.

This is the safest capitalize modality and it allows to the customer not to be worried of the house because we run with any type of risk, advancing the amount that we expect to obtain.


It reduces safely the mortgage

Upper-middle profitability

The costumer does not need to care about anything


Long-term rental

This profile is intended for those people that wish to purchase a real estate to obtain benefits for the medium and long-term without occupying the house.

Most of the houses that we offer in the Spanish Levant have characteristics both holiday rental and long-term rental. The rental prices of these houses are higher than those of other locations, allowing in many cases that the total annual benefit obtained of the real estate rental can equate with the cost of the mortgage, being very attractive investment products as they allow obtaining direct benefits while the real estate began to be revaluated over time.

• Benefits equal or higher than the costs
• The house increases in value over time
• Maximum profitability


Holiday rental

Given the houses are located in the Spanish Levant, these are products extremely attractive and valued during the summer months, when the rents boom, being able to increase the normal rent value five times. In this modality the real estate are rented for brief periods of time that maximize profitability, being able to give similar benefits to rent the house for the nine remaining months.

  • High profitability: mortgage very reduced
  • It allows living in the house the rest of the year

Holiday occupancy

It is the profile of those customers that wish to purchase a holiday house to enjoy it some determinate months per year. Depending on the period chosen, rent the house for the rest of the year can suppose a big help when paying the mortgage. This modality is very attractive because it allows enjoying of a second home ownership whose final cost will be much lower than the market price.


• The mortgage reduces considerably

• Average profitability: the cost of the house reduces

• It allows enjoying of the real estate in summer

As explained before, our company will assume responsibility for all the procedures and processes, allowing the customer to enjoy the benefits of the modality that is chosen not worrying about all the tedious aspects involved in a rent.

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