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We, Canales y Negocios, stand out from other real estate investment companies for our capacity to advise the buyer and solve in a simple way all the problems at the time of the property purchase.

We have in our offices own staff and specialized departments, that do all the procedures, simplifying the purchase process, and allowing our customers only to worrying about the housing choice that best suits their own particular taste.


Commercial advice

The search for an appropriate real estate can become an authentic headache, especially for those customers that are not familiar with the specific zone where they wish to buy. There are a multitude of diverse locations, houses typologies, specifications, constructors, prices…

All these details lengthen unnecessarily the process and separate the buyer of their only interest: to decide what house they like best and best suits their needs.

Our commercial agents are experts with knowledge of the different promotions that are commercialized actually in the Spanish Levant, and have an extensive constructors database, construction areas, houses types and prices, being able to offer you very fast a real estate selection that suits your tastes and needs without going through the search process, and without added cost for you.

Ester Rabasco Navarro
Aida Vicente Rubio

During the search process:

  • We will contact you and will establish what are you preferences and tastes
  • We will study what zones and house types can interest you
  • We will facilitate a real estate selection adapted to your budget
  • We will program visits to the promotions that will be chosen
  • We will keep you informed of any new

Our main interest is, both our customers can find a home to enjoy, and that they enjoy the purchasing process, eliminating all the hobbles which do the buying of a house a tedious process or which can finish in an erroneous election.

Eduardo Tomás López

Administrative Department

In the decision of acquiring a house take influence many factors of which the economic aspects are fundamental. To choose between several options the one that is more adapted to the needs of every customer it is necessary to know all the administrative details, expenses derived from the buying of a property, specific taxes of the country…


In our administrative department we will mantain a constant tracing of the whole operation of acquisition of your housing, informing you punctually about all the parameters to follow and solving to the moment all your doubts, facilitating in this way, the buying process.

Our professionals will help you to:

  • Calculate the entire quantity of the operation
  • Detail the specific taxes in your case
  • Advise you to reduce costs

Legal Department

The buying of properties requires a deep acknowledge of those legal and and fiscal aspects which could affect to the acquired property, even more in case of customers of other nationalities, since the Spanish legislation on housing has a lot of peculiarities that do not appear in other countries.

We are provided with our own legal department, which is specialized in the real estate sector and in the buying and selling of properties, essential so that the operations are executed in a correct way, avoiding legal and fiscal problems derived from the acquisition of a building.

In Canales y Negocios we advise you in:

  • Complete legal advice
  • Follow-up and inspection of contracts
  • Legal protection

Post-sell Services


In Canales y Negocios not only we worry about selling houses. We are at you disposal, offering you our services up to the same moment in which you settle in it. These are some of the many services that we offer after the buying of your housing:

  • Personal assistant in charge of your home
  • Access to the Internet during the construction process
  • Budgets of the reforms that you request
  • Assistance to obtain a mortgage
  • Hotel reservation during the delivery period
  • Appointment and escort to notary’s office
  • Assistance in of furniture and domestic appliances shops
  • Hiring of services (water and light)
  • Advice in the hiring of the insurance of the housing
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