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We help you to make profit from you house


As we told to you in our last post, which you can read HERE, in Canales y Negocios we have a division dedicated exclusively to renting and housing management, which takes charge of the rent of your housing if you want it and it helps you to extract profitability to this housing that you do not use.

As for the most common profiles of customers who want to promote its housing, we find the following ones:

Long-term renting

It is a profile for those who want to acquire a home to obtain benefits to medium and long-term without occupying the housing.

rentThe housings that we offer in the Spanish east, both of long-term rent and of holiday rent, have a rent of price superior to those of other locations, what allows that the benefit that is obtained of the rent of the building, is able to be compared to the cost of the mortgage. Since there are very attractive investment products, they allow to obtain direct benefits, while the building keeps on being revalued in the course of the time.

Some of the advantages of the long-term renting are:

  • The benefits are equal or superior to the expenses
  • The housing is revalued by the time, that is to say, its value increases.
  • Maximum profitability

Holiday renting

During the summer months, since the real estate is in the Spanish coast, they are tremendously attractive and valued. In these months the rents go off, being able to quintuplcalendare the value of a normal rent.

In this case, the housing is rented during short time periods and can give you a few benefits similar to the rent of the housing during the nine remaining months.

The main advantages in this case, are:

  • High profitability: very reduced mortgage
  • It allows you to inhabit the housing the rest of the year

Holiday occupation

It is a question about the profile of the customers who want to acquire a holiday housing for some certain months of the year.

summRenting the house during the rest of months of the year can suppose a big help to face with the mortgage. This form is very advisable, since it allows to have the second housing in property, which final cost will be very low from the cost of the market.

The main advantages in this kind of profile are:

  • Considerable reduction of the mortgage
  • Average profitability: the price of the housing diminishes.
  • You can enjoy the house in summer months.

As we have already commented, in Canales y Negocios we take charge of all the steps of the rent of the housing if the customer wishes it, allowing him to enjoy this way all the advantages. Contact with us and find out about everything.

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